Unique waste cleanup for rural areas developed

22 September 2014
Unique waste cleanup for rural areas developed

Farmland prices Uruguay

10 April 2014
Farmland prices Uruguay

Beleggen in grond: MKBi agri fonds

18 March 2014
Beleggen in grond: MKBi agri fonds

Greater interest in emigration and investing

31 January 2014
Greater interest in emigration and investing

1380 ha Czech Rep
Country Czech Republic
City Tsjechië
Farm type Cash crop...
2400 ha Slowakije
Country Slovakia
City Bratislava
Farm type Cash crop...
Country Croatia
Farm type Dairy...
Country Croatia
City Sunja
Farm type Beef / Cow-calf...
Crop farm Herlufmagle
Country Denmark
City Herlufmagle
Farm type Cash crop...

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Interfarms is an agricultural real estate specialist with more than 15 years of experience in purchase and sale of farms and agricultural land worldwide. We are specialised in emigration counselling and investment projects in more than 12 countries.

Due to our reliable and for many years established foreign network of property supervisors, we are the first to be informed about the current offer of farms and land. Besides that, we dispose of a decent knowledge and experience in the agricultural market of the relating countries and the regional legislation and regulations.

Country information

Czech Republic
New Zealand
United States

Australia is a country which by its diversity in climate and wide variety of areas of interest is to everyone in the agricultural sector. Next to dairy farming, there are excellent opportunities in intensive arable crop with potatoes and onions to large grain companies. Over the years, we also have supported multiple pig farmers, growers and gardeners during their relocation. Most emigrants from the Netherlands are located in the upper rainfall- and irrigation areas of New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania. Because of the mild climate, these are areas with good agricultural perspective. Most coastal areas remain green throughout the year. The average Dutch emigrant is doing very well in Australia because of their good education, skills and adaptability.