Since our start in 1997, Interfarms has built up a leading position in the agricultural market for emigration. During the years, a reliable and permanent network of real estate counsellors has been established in more than 12 countries worldwide. Interfarms is characterized by its professional, but also personal approach. Farmers and their families are thoroughly accompanied during the whole purchasing process. All activities are aimed at enabling the agricultural entrepreneur to successfully start the enterprise abroad. 

Clear Picture of the International agricultural market

Our foreign real estate specialists know the market being aware of the fiscal and legal regulations and having a large network in the concerning countries. Thus, they are often already at an early stage informed about the current offer of farms. Interfarms offers an average of 700 objects around the world.

Purchasing real estate agent

The position of real estate agents in foreign countries is often unclear. It frequently happens that an agent only serves the interests of the seller or that he even works for both parties at the same time. Thereby, the question rises who’s interests are represented: your interests as buyer or the selling party’s interests? Good to know that Interfarms represents your interests as your purchasing agent.

Why Interfarms?

  1. Reliable and for many years established network of experienced purchasing companions
  2. Complete purchasing accompaniment: before, during and after the emigration
  3. Large and up-to-date offer of farms and agricultural land world wide


Are you planning to invest your capital into land or a farm abroad? Interfarms can hereby provide you with professional and complete information about promising countries and the adequate offer. Take a look at investments for more information.