Dick Millenaar - Denmark

After 10 years as an arable farmer in the Netherlands, Dick Millenaar emigrated to Denmark with his family in 1997. In Sørvad, Central Jutland, a dairy farm with 80 cows and 80 ha was purchased. The company has been expanded over the years to 310 cows with 300 ha. Millenaar runs the company with 5 permanent employees and a few loose employees. Dick's wife, Ageeth, works outdoors as a project manager at the water company in Herning. In addition to the work on the farm, Dick is active in various boards, including the Agricultural Association & Information and the National Association for Drainage. Since spring 2019, Dick, in close collaboration with Hans de Vries, has been actively involved in emigration guidance and purchases of Danish farms.

For a variety of reasons, there is a persistently large range of companies in Denmark, resulting in attractive purchase prices. This, combined with an interesting financing system, offers many opportunities for agricultural entrepreneurs. Thanks to good and many years of contacts throughout the country, and knowledge of both livestock and arable farming, Dick expects a lot from his new challenge at Interfarms Denmark.

Luc Penterman - Germany

Luc and Alexandra Penterman of Interfarms Rheinland Pfalz can purchase and sell a farm in Rheinland Pfalz (Duitsland). After selling their dairy farm in Dreisbach in Germany in 2018, they now focus on brokerage. The many years of knowledge and experience with agriculture and in particular with German dairy farming makes Luc and Alexandra a good conversation partner for buyers and sellers. They have short lines with the agricultural authorities and related companies, and are well aware of regional (real estate) developments.

After the Higher Agricultural School in 1995, Luc was first a manager at a dairy farm in New Brunswick (Canada). In 2000 he returned and together with Alexandra he made plans to start a dairy farm in Denmark. From 2005 to 2008 they had a dairy farm in South Jutland with around 100 dairy cows. Before the crisis, they sold their company and then settled with their 3 children in Dreisbach (Germany). They started here with 80 dairy cows and around 150 hectares of land, and after two years expanded to around 150 dairy cows. Although Luc and Alexandra have a lot of passion for dairy farming, the idea of ​​taking on a different challenge has long been an issue. In 2018 they decided to sell their company. During the sale of their company, contact was made with Interfarms and interest in their own brokerage firm grew. Over time this idea took shape and on February 1 of 2019 the franchise contract was signed: Interfarms Rheinland Pfalz.

Jurian Kosters - Germany

In 1999 Jurian Koster migrated from the Netherlands to Surwold, West Germany. After three years farming in Surwold, they sold their business. They have purchased another dairy in Selsingen. They have rebuild the farm for the most part. On the farm is a freestall barn with 112 stalls and two milking robots. They are currently milking a full quota of 700,000 kg. Because his parents still active in the company, Jurian has the ability to guide future emigrants in West Germany.

Frie de Wit - France

De roots van Frie liggen in Normandië alwaar zijn moeder en tante geboren zijn. In Standdaarbuiten (Noord-Brabant) hadden zijn ouders een pluimveebedrijf met een omvang van 22.000 legkippen. De ligging van het bedrijf dichtbij het dorp noopte de familie om in de jaren 70 (terug) naar Frankrijk te gaan. Hier kochten zij in de rust en ruimte van het Franse zuiden een boerderij met 130 ha land en een wijngaard van 60 ha. Met de jaren is het bedrijf verder uitgebreid en verplaatst. Sinds 2009 houdt Frie zich bezig met de aan- en verkoop van boerderijen in Frankrijk, waarbij hij in 2014 voor zichzelf is begonnen. Vanaf begin 2016 werkt hij met zijn eigen makelaarskantoor nauw samen met Interfarms.


Hans de Vries & Annegien Waalkens - Denmark

Hans de Vries lives with his wife Annegien Waalkens in Denmark. Hans lives in Denmark since 1986. Annegien has first lived in Sweden until 2000. Hans and Annegien have extensive knowledge and experience of the Danish agricultural sector and real estate market. Since 1992, they have approximately 200 Dutch farmers assisted in the purchase of a farm. They stand for a lasting guidance: even after the sale, they advise you on all the steps that are involved in emigration. Hans and Annegien are purchasing agents and can therefore all farms for sale offer.

Claudia Gloudemans - Sweden

Twan and Claudia Gloudermans live with their three children in Swedish ‘Hjo’. After traveling around for several years they bought as one of the first Dutch emigrates a dairy farm in Sweden. Right now they milk up to 170 cows and they have been thinking about expanding.
Twan and Claudia already have several years of experience in guiding emigrates to Sweden. They will help you with a range of different things like; finding the right place, creating a business plan and help making contracts with the bank. The short version: they offer full guidance to Sweden.

Laurens de Man - Slovakia

Laurens de Man's behalf VVMZ sro the Interfarms consultant for Slovakia. VVMZ sro is a Slovak-Dutch consultancy firm with almost 19 years experience in Slovakia. Laurens is co-founder of VVMZ sro and guides since 1994 involving the purchase and rental of (agricultural) grounds, the development of (agricultural) property, the financial structuring of projects and the management of property. Laurens grew up in the Netherlands and studied business in Rotterdam and has a Master's degree in Real Estate (the University of Tilburg). Besides local experts VVMZ has a Dutch management that leads the office in Bratislava, capital of Slovakia. The Dutch management lives and works since 1994 in Slovakia and consists of: Laurens de Man, Emile Roest (for legal and tax matters, project management) and Erik Heideman (for grant applications and developing and managing real estate).

Marianna Westerkamp - Canada

Marianna Westerkamp was born and raised in the Netherlands. 14 years ago she emigrated to Canada, Prince Edward Island. Purchases and sales of real estate is where she since 14 years has been involved with. Three years ago, she started selling agricultural objects and  is currently working with Interfarms for the last two years. During this period, she has acquired a lot of knowledge about agricultural land, the quality of land, appropriate locations, contracts relating to quotas and whatever else is important. She also has an extensive network of farmers in Prince Edward Island, so she can provide appropriate guidance with the purchase of an agricultural company in the Maritimes of Prince Edward Island. Marianna helps you with everything needed in relation to the acquisition and financing of your business. In PEI is an excellent team available that can help, and also the Department of Agriculture provides the necessary guidance.

Cor van Gaalen jr. - Canada

Cor Van Gaalen is born and raised on a cash crop and poultry farm in Southwestern Ontario, his parents emigrated to Ontario, Canada in 1989. Cor graduated from Olds College in Alberta, Canada in 2013 and received his Bachelor of Applied Science Degree in Agribusiness. Since then Cor has worked in the Agriculture sector in Western Canada and in Ontario, gaining extensive knowledge of the Agriculture Industry. He is currently doing his real estate courses, expecting to be completed later this year. Cor comes from a real estate family, being the son of the late Cor Van Gaalen (Sr). Cor has a passion for agriculture and working with people, helping them grow their business. Cor works together with his colleague Kurt Keller from Interfarms Ontario Inc, an independent brokerage firm with deep roots in the agricultural sector of Ontario. Interfarms Ontario Inc is affiliated with the national and professional real estate agency RE / MAX, Reliable Realty Inc. The team of Interfarms Ontario Inc is available to service emigrants and help them build a future with lasting guidance.

Kees Uittenbogerd - Canada

Kees grew up on a mixed dairy and broiler farm in West Betuwe, Netherlands. At the age of 24 he started his own broiler farm, which he operated with his family for 16 years. But once farming in the Netherlands started becoming a challenge, with not much political support for the agricultural sector anymore. That is when he went searching around Canada and settled for Alberta. At age 40 he started all over again and bought a broiler and layer farm in Central Alberta, which he operated for over 10 years. In 2003 he got his real estate license and specialized in farms and acreages. After both owning and operating a boiler farm and being a Realtor, in 2010 he decided to retire from farming and became a full-time Realtor. With his network and experience in the agricultural sector as well as an immigrant himself, he has a wide range of knowledge of the emigration process and the agricultural sector.

Kees is committed to find the right property for his clients, as well he knows how to navigate the legalities of the immigration process and has a great network to build on for legal and accounting advice. He will assist his clients through the whole process from purchasing a farm to help with the financing process, but that is not where his assistance stops.  He will assist his clients with customs to bring in their belongings, to setting up bank accounts, applying for Alberta Health Cards and anything else that is required for immigration process. He can also assist with purchasing quota and helping to understanding the ins and outs of the agricultural sector in Alberta. He offers full guidance during the whole emigration process on the Canadian side of the ocean to make this process as smooth as possible. Our Real-estate office’s motto is we are going the extra mile for you.

Ewoud de Leeuw - Australia

Avard de Leeuw is the Interfarms consultant in Australia. Avard was born and raised in Holland and throughout his school years has worked on a large variety of farms. After finishing his Bachelor Degree in Agricultural Economics, Animal Husbandry and Nutrition he migrated to Australia in 1981. In 1984 Avard started his own business, 'Agri-Care International', a private agricultural consulting company. His business specialized in farm planning, budgets, farm economics, animal nutrition and fertilizer planning. He has assisted farmers and businesses in most states in Australia in functioning more effectively. Advice has also been provided to cropping, hog, poultry, beef and sheep farmers. He is a skilled negotiator. His broad knowledge and years of training and experience provides highly technical, independent and experienced support and he has assisted many migrants to become very successful in Australia.

Wilfred Morren - Uruguay

Wilfred Morren is sinds 2009 woonachtig en werkzaam in Uruguay, Zuid-Amerika. Hij is daar actief als bemiddelaar bij de aankoop van landbouwgrond. De bemiddeling kan betrekking hebben op boerderijen waarop actief wordt gewerkt en geleefd, maar ook op landbouwkavels als financiële investering. 

Het doel van de bemiddeling is actief te ondersteunen bij het eerste bezoek aan Uruguay, bij aankoop met juridische en financiële ondersteuning als ook met de daaropvolgende verpachting van de grond. Deze bemiddeling strekt zich uit over heel Uruguay.

Bill and LuAnn Popp - United States

Bill and LuAnn Popp live in Minnesota, the land of 10,000 lakes.  They have been licensed in the real estate industry since 2003, working with international clients since 2011.   It was a natural for them to choose to work in agricultural real estate. Having both been born on dairy farms in the Midwest, they grew up farming with strong work ethics.  After completing studies in agricultural economics and business management at North Dakota State University, Bill developed and owned a 1000 cow dairy farm and 120,000 hen laying egg farm.  He also farmed 1200 acres of cropland growing corn and alfalfa. LuAnn’s career path took her from farm girl to waitress at the hometown restaurant, then on to paralegal studies, motel development, and finally to owning her own computer networking and software consulting business.  Her primary focus is on residential real estate with an emphasis on providing extraordinary service.  

Both Bill and LuAnn are involved with various business-related organizations, non-profit and community service projects. Those connections have proven beneficial in assisting buyers and sellers with referrals for help with immigration, tax attorneys and accountants, and banking institutions. The Popp’s have 3 grown children and 5 spirited grandchildren.  They currently own a farming investment property as well as a home on the Mississippi River in central Minnesota.  Visitors are welcome to stop in when you are in the United States choosing where you want to live.  

Marcel Welten - Poland

Marcel Welten emigrated to Poland in 1996 and lives with his wife and children in Baranowo, a town near Poznań. He grew up on a poultry farm in the Netherlands and studied zootechnical at the Agricultural University in Wageningen. After his studies, he worked in the pet food industry in the Netherlands for 4 years. Until 2013 Marcel worked in Poland in the compound feed industry as sales manager. In 2013 he decided to start his own company. Since spring 2014 he is our consultant in Poland. In 2014, Marcel has finished the MBA program at the Economic University of Poznań. His wife, Dorota has more than 10 years an office in the financial advisory and accounting for foreign companies in Poland. Marcel knows the agricultural sector and the current legislation in Poland well.