Purchase support

Purchase of a farm abroad is carried out via an Interfarms purchase agent (English, German or Dutch speaking), who is totally working at your service. We have a permanent network of supervisors abroad. They only represent your interests and do not act in behalf of the sellers of farms abroad.

Customers appreciate our personal and professional approach, the realistic advice and the extensive service. Our services are far reaching: We support you with all steps before, during and after the emigration.

Action plan of the migration support

  1. Assessment of the wishes (preference for country, region, sector, size) and providing insight into the financial possibilities
  2. Overview of the possibilities in the country and the suitable offer
  3. Farm visits in the concerning country together with a foreign supervisor
  4. Financial substantiation and forecast of the farm: fiscal and legal regulations
  5. Negotiation and purchase
  6. Legal settlement
  7. Transfer
  8. Support with the establishment and start of the company; including the organisation of accounting, agricultural (business)contacts, bank accounts and family matters as a general practitioner, health insurance, schools etc.

Property Valuation

A property valuation is an essential part of the emigration process. It is needed for:

  • A visa application (Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand);
  • It indicates the amount of money you van invest abroad;
  • The accountant and the tax advisor often need a valuation from a sworn real estate agent in order to arrange things to your best advantage.

Valuation by Interfarms real estate agent

A reliable and valuable valuation can only be made by someone who is fully competent and has full knowledge of the various influences that may affect prices. The Interfarms real estate agents make sure that you get the best price/quality ratio for the sale of your property. With their agricultural background and education, our real estate agents have a thorough knowledge of the various factors determining the value of your property. In consultation with you, they can choose the right strategy to position your farm in the market.