Crop farm in Romania For sale

Bucharest East Romania Romania (3384)

Price on request 300.0 ha.

Crop farm with 300 hectares and possibility of expansion


285 hectares of land is company’s property,
15 hectares of land is rented,

Most of the land is in three neighbouring land sectors (sector no.16,
sector no. 18, sector no. 19)

All of the land properties are registered at the National Agency of
Cadastre and Real Estate Publicity,

There are access roads.


Well 1 40m³
Well 2 200m³
Well 3 250 m³

Metallic storehouse for storage with approximately 360 m2
Outhouse for machinery implement storage with approximately 311 m2
Workshop for machinery repairs with approximately 84 m2
Container house with approximately 75 m2
Two containers for security staff
Office container with approximately 12 m2
Concrete ramp for machinery washing
Water well with 15 m depth, isolated tank storage of 4 tonnes and water installation
Electricity installation with capacity up to 15kW
24hours surveillance system with live feed on any remote device

Complete machinepark
4 tractors, 1 Catarpillar
Water Reel, plows, spreaders, ect, ect. 


Contact details:


Str.Clucerului nr.82, Sector 1, 011368, Bucharest
Phone/Fax: +40 (21) 332.44.42
Mobile: +40.726.688.802

, The Netherlands Interfarms +31 528 391 111 More information


Romania - Martin de Jong

Beside these businesslike aspects Romania is a very hospitable country and qua culture, nature and landscape a perfect combination of France, Italy and Switzerland.

The European country Romania is situated in the southeast part of Central Europe and exist of 238.391 km2 and has over 22,5 million inhabitants (94,2 inhabitants/km2).

The agriculture has a prominent place in the economy. After the downfall of the communism a reconstruction of the agriculture has taken place and at this time over 82 % of the agricultural land is in private hands.

The restitution of the agricultural land to the population has lead to a small-scale agricultural structure, of which 87 % of the agricultural farms have less than 4 hectare. These scattering can be found again in the average business size of the dairy farms (1,5 milk cow/farm). Only 1.350 of the farms have more than 20 milk cows, of which 378 farms with more than 51 cows.


According Johan Cruijff “every disadvantage has his advantage” (or the other way round). This counts also for the development/investment opportunities in the primary sector in Romania.

The purchase and lease prices for agriculture land are low, as well as the costs for labour. There is an enormous shortage of 1st quality agricultural products, because the consumers in the big city’s have less access/want to “own house and garden products”; a lot of allowance (50 % of the investment with a maximum of 1 million per applicant) are available for investments in the agriculture. Further they work hard to harmonize the regulation and legislation (and the observing of this) with the current EU-legislation including the payments for the hectare premiums.

A lot of international businesses have an establishment in Romania like Royal
Friesland Foods (4 plants), Campina (co-production), Danone, Hochland, Cargill, Toepfer and all the European banks have a big market share (ING, ABN-AMRO, Raffeisen, Volksbank etc).

Beside these businesslike aspects Romania is a very hospitable country and qua culture, nature and landscape a perfect combination of France, Italy and Switzerland.

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Martin de Jong,
The Friesian