Beef Farm, Manitoba For sale

Lundar Manitoba Canada (3401)

CAD 1,975,000,- CAD > EUR 1746.2 ha.


Family operated livestock operation for sale. Located one hour northwest of Winnipeg near Lundar, this cattle ranch has all the right attributes for raising livestock. A large block of mostly adjoining land for ease of rotational grazing, over 1,250 acres of broke land for grain, hay, corn silage production. The main yard site features a well maintained split level house, heated workshop, large Quonset machine shed, grain storage, an abundance of corrals, cattle  sunroom, single detached garage and is nicely situated in a park-like setting of flower gardens, stone lined waterways and rock style fire pit. As a bonus, enjoy hunting, ATV riding, horseback riding or relax with peace and quiet at its finest!

Primary Residence: Large, split level home with walkout basement, 2 full baths and 4  bedrooms. Spacious living room, kitchen and dining with partially finished basement. Septic ejector.

Secondary Residence: 2003 Marquette Homes 1300 sq ft mobile home with single detached garage. Large sunroom, spacious kitchen, dining and living room. Private master bedroom with walk in closet and ensuite. 2 additional bedrooms and full bath. Breezeway with attached woodworking shop

Property Legal Description: NE 24-19-4W, NW 19-19-3W, SW 19-19-3W, NW 30-19-3W, SW 30-19-3W, SE 30-19-3W, NE 8-19-3W, NW 8-19-3W, SE 8-19-3W, SW 8-19-3W, NE 18-19-3W, NW 18-19-3W, SE 18-19-3W, SW 18-19-3W, NE 17-19-3W, NW 17-19-3W, SE 17-19-3W, SW 17-19-3W, DESC NE13-19-4W, SE 24-19-4W, NE 25-19-4W, SE 25-19-4W, NW 35-19-4W, SW 35-19-4W, SE 35-19-4W, DESC NE 35-19-4W, NW 32-20-4W, NE 32-20-4W, SW 32-20-4W, SE 32-20-4W, SW 33-20-4W SE 33-20-4W

Acreage (Total): 4315

Workable Acres: 1330

Machine Shed: 130' x 50' Quonset

Workshop: 40' x 50' shop with in-floor heat/electric or wood. Metal lined and concrete floor. 20' bifold door and 14' x 14' overhead door.

Workshop: Older 30' x 50' shop

Shelter: Loose housing/cattle sheds 72' x 24', 72' x 24' and 50' x 24'

Grain or Crop Storage: 14,000 bu grain storage - 3 with aeration

Additional: 16' x 50' Bee shed

Property Taxes: $13,598

, Canada Dolf Feddes +31 528 391 111


Canada - Fam. De Boer

On June 15, 2013, we immigrated to Ontario in Canada. It took us four years to get it all so far. In autumn 2009 we started with visa application. Thanks to Gwenda and Interfarms this went virtually without problems, but takes a long time to wait. It took three years in total for this was in order.

On May 1, 2013, we sold our dairy farm thanks to our broker Mr. Renkema, then we packed the moving containers and we left to Canada without buying something new. First we have rented a house in Walton and from there we started looking for a farm. In the meantime, we have worked with other farmers, especially to learn things. We have also spoken at that time with different banks and accountants and a choice out there which best suited us and our plans.

Summer and autumn was marked by searching for a farm in total we have about 10 companies. In January 2014, Cor and Bart came to us she had perhaps a nice farm in Brussels about 15 minutes from where we lived. A farm with 50 dairy cows and 198 acres of land. This is farm that we bought as well and on May 1, 2014, we again utilized our own cows exactly one year after we had milked the last one in the Netherlands.

All in all we are pleased that we have taken this step. We are happy and have followed our dream.

Greetings Annie, Cygnet, Sjoerd Jan and Klaas de Boer

Canada - Fam. Hendriks

We come from the Brabant Baarle-Nassau. Here we milked cows were milked and with sows on the farm. In 1990 I took over the cows of my father and my brother took over the sows. The yard was split into two and all trucks of food and animal transport to all manure transport was all over our yard, which certainly was not ideal.

In 2005 my son went to Ontario, Canada for 10 weeks internship. After his internship, he saw no future in our company in Baarle-Nassau, where we milked 60 cows plus heifers and 20 hectares of land had, which was in eight lots. After land consolidation in autumn 2008 it was in 4 lots. We had to dispose of half of the manure and it had been increasingly difficult to buy maize.

Thus it was in November 2006 decided to apply for our visas. It took a long time before we finally had our visas, but in February 2010 was the day. Meanwhile, the quota system was changed in late 2009 in Canada making it not easier to buy a suitable company. The sale of the company in the Netherlands did not go so smoothly. Eventually we had sold everything in the Netherlands but still didn’t find anything in Canada.

After many times up and down we came in contact about a year after the sale (August 2011) with Cor van Gaalen, emigration supervisor for Interfarms. With his help, we bought an older dairy farm with 63 kg of milk quotas and 96 ha of land, provided that we could build a new dairy barn. There was at the time of sale an old, worn stable and there were 86 cows milked, but unfortunately did not have enough common.

On November 3, 2011 we emigrated, we took over the farm on November 15 and that same night we first milked on our new company. We have just started in the old stable and with the existing herd. In the first year we have sold more than half of those cows and bought good, fresh heifers back. In October 2012 we could begin with the excavation of the new barn, and we have opened it on March 27, 2013. We have dairy cows, dry cows and calves from about 5 month old in the new barn. The smallest calves we have in huts and in the old stable. After building the new barn, we started to build three new bunker silos as the blue tower silos at the company were too expensive to maintain and stream while the food quality much to be desired.

We are currently milking 62 cows on a milk quota of 71.5 kg. We grow grass / alfalfa, corn silage, grain corn and soybeans for feed, the surplus of grain corn and soybeans is sold.

We're talking good sense to us and have good friends here. Sometimes there is sometimes asked whether we regret our decision... of course we regret that we did not do this ten or fifteen years ago!

Jan, Greta and Peter Hendriks

Canada -

Jeroen van Boekel is in 2001 geëmigreerd vanuit Noord Brabant, Nederland naar Manitoba, Canada. Momenteel runt hij een varkensbedrijf in Stephenfield, Manitoba op 2 locaties. Hij is zeer gelukkig met zijn vrouw en 2 dochters. Bekijk zijn emigratie ervaring in die video hieronder:


Canada -

Wij wonen hier nu 2,5 jaar in Prince Edward Island, Canada. Als we terugkijken naar onze stap om te emigreren, kunnen we zeggen dat de tijd snel is gegaan. De kinderen waren vrij snel in hun ritme met school en andere activiteiten. Het Engels leren ging erg snel.

Met ons boerenbedrijf gaat het goed. Wij melken momenteel 50 koeien in een vastzetstal. Wij maken plannen om volgend jaar een nieuwe ligboxenstal te bouwen. Onze ervaring is dat mensen hier erg behulpzaam zijn. Zowel in het bedrijfsleven als in het gewone dagelijkse leven.

De mensen op Prince Edward Island zijn erg vriendelijk en hebben een rustige levensstijl. Het werkniveau ligt hier wel langzamer, je kan lang wachten op bestellingen. Wij hebben het hier prima naar onze zin en wij hebben geen spijt van onze emigratie.

Groeten van Fam. Van der Stoel, Prince Edward Island Canada

Canada -

In december 2009 hebben René en Bianca Strik besloten om te gaan emigreren naar Canada. In Brakel, Gelderland hadden ze een melkveebedrijf met 130 melkkoeien en 80 hectare land.

Samen met hun vier kinderen zijn ze in november 2010 naar Canada gevlogen. In de buurt van Woodstock, Ontario hebben ze nieuw melkveebedrijf gebouwd. Ze hadden een oud melkveebedrijf met een grupstal en met 200 acres (80 hectare) hoog kwalitatieve grond gekocht. De bouw van het woonhuis en ook de stal is nu helemaal klaar zodat er nu ook gemolken kan worden.

René en Bianca van Strik