Chicken/ Pigfarm Hungary For sale

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EUR 990,000,- EUR > EUR 5.8 ha.


The farm is located in the north-west part of Hungary, close to the M1 highway between Budapest and Vienna.

Total of 5,8 hectares
2.2 ha: plowable 
0.6 ha: forest 
3.0 ha: industrial area 

Completely enclosed

500 m2 building for 4000 layers, equipped with Big Dutchmann

100 m2 house

2000 m2 main building which contains:
Buchery and meat-packing room
Event hall for 50 peoples
Space for 200 fattening pigs
Industrial electicity, separate water supply, gas tank, solid coverings
Owned EC apply, the amount is 50 000 euro, unused yet.
4 cooling chambers
1 freezer compartament
1 owner, loan/mortgage free.

Camera and alarm system

Asking price
€ 990.000,-


Contact information

Robert Horvath              

Address:  Facanoskert 3,  2890 Tata Hungary
Phone: +36205838777

, The Netherlands Interfarms +31 528 391 111 More information