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You can offer your farm(s) on the Interfarms website to get in touch with potential buyers. Our website offers the latest range of farms and agriculture land worldwide. In the past few years we have witnessed a strong progression in the frequent use of our website by farmers and other entrepreneurs interested farms. Each week the site draws the attention of more than 5.500 visitors*. Our website has a high number of returning and new visitors, mainly from the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and Canada and other countries worldwide (35 countries). Your farm(s) will be presented in 3 languages.

Benefits offered by

  • Worldwide advertising in three languages
  • A fast search engine for farms and agricultural land
  • Upload your own text, photos and / or videos
  • Listing with your own contact details
  • Assurance of good visibility of your properties by Dutch and German farmers and agricultural entrepreneurs from other countries.


Please contact us for information about the possibilities to advertise with your object:
Tel.: +31-528-39111

Real estate agencies

For real estate agencies and brokers who like to advertise with multiple objects per month, there are special rates.

Google analytics (March 2017)
. Each week 5.500 visitors
. More than 550 properties worldwide
. Average time of website visit: 5,5 minutes
. Average number of visited pages: 9 pages per visitors