Germany closes quota era with positive results

May 20, 2015, 3:18 p.m.

Germany closes quota era with positive results

The milk supply in Germany on March totalled nearly 2.68 million tons, 1.8 percent less than the result in March 2014, which was 2.72 million tons. This is evident from the data which Germany has just now handed over to the European Commission in Brussels . The decline in the last month of the European milk quota could not prevent that Germany has milked a substantial amount in 2014/15.

In total, in the last quota year, the Germans have supplied over 31.1 million tonnes of milk to the factories. This is half a million tonnes more, or 1.6 percent, than in the quota year 2013/14. In terms of milk production, is the last quota year in Germany has been a record. However, the German dairy farmers will not get by here easily. Earlier estimates assume an extremely high levy of around 300 million euros.

As in the Netherlands, the German dairy farmers have increased the milk production after 1 April in the liberal European dairy market. But where the Dutch dairy farmers have produced slightly above the milk supply of the same month in 2014, Germany remains slightly behind. In week 18 the supply to the factories was still somewhat below the level of the same week in 2014. But the rising results are obvious for German farmers.

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