Privacy statement

This privacy statement sets out to inform you, as Visitor of our website and user of our Services (clients), of our work method regarding the collection, processing, and storage of data obtained as a result of your use of our website or services.

Interfarms will use these personal data only for the purposes specified in this Privacy Statement and will take the necessary measures to protect the collected personal data in accordance with current statutory requirements. This Privacy Statement is part of the General Terms and Conditions of Interfarms.

Purposes of data processing

Interfarms collects and processes the data of Visitors who contact us through the website. These personal data, such as name, address, phone number(s), and email address, are recorded in our database and used to make contacts and publicize our services.

Interfarms collects, processes and recorded data of information applicants / clients in our account management system. The data collected are used to get an idea of the applicant’s personal situation and thus be able to give correct and comprehensive advice regarding this person’s opportunities. The data provided will also be used to make contact and to publicize services and events via, for example, our news letter.

For the execution of the service contract, Interfarms collects and processes additional personal data from clients in our account management system. These additional data are necessary for providing assistance and the optimal perform of our Service.

Interfarms uses your personal data for, among other things, the following purposes: (I) The Service; (II) Invoicing; (III) Exchange with third parties; (IV) Administration; (V) Improving our Services.

What are personal data?

Personal data are data by which persons are identifiable or can be identified. This may include a person’s name, address, and town, financial data, career data, medical data.

What data does Interfarms process?

In order to provide our Services in the best possible way, a number of personal data will be collected and processed in our database, such as your name, email address, phone number(s), address, bank account number, financial and legal details. etc. Whenever you wish, you can request your contact person at Interfarms to see this information and, if you wish, have it updated.

Who is responsible for the data?


Pieperij 11

7924 PZ Veeningen

The Netherlands

Chamber of Commerce: 09097766 (Emigration) / 64909751 (Investment)

What security measures are taken for the safe storage of data?

We use Privileged Identity Management (PIM) and work with authorization levels to prevent unnecessary access to documents within our own organization and restrict access to data within our organization as much as possible. Staff-members only get access to specific data, if these are required for doing their jobs. We use multifactor authentication (MFA) so that third parties are prevented from gaining access to our data.

Our website is protected by an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption that can be recognized by the little lock in the browser’s address bar. SSL is known as the foremost standard security protocol for Internet connections. Note that using the Internet is never without risk, and illegal hacking of the Interfarms connection by third parties cannot be excluded.

Who receives the data collected?

We work on the basis of the principle of ‘privacy by design’ and ‘privacy by default’. We collect and keep data only if necessary. Moreover, barriers have been put into place between persons permitted to see specific information. We achieve this by applying authorization levels. The full details of visitors and clients are received only by the management and are shared only with staff-members who need them for their work.

How long will the data be kept?

We keep the data no longer than is necessary for the purpose for which they have been collected or used. Some data is saved because it is necessary on the basis of a financial and/or tax liability. In that case, this information is stored for seven years. If the data retention period is over, or if retention is no longer necessary, we will ‘destroy’ the data.

What rights do you have under the General Data Protection Regulations and how can you exercise them?

If we collect your personal data, you have the right of inspection, correction, oblivion, data portability, objection, and limitation. You can request us to enable you to exercise your rights by sending a request to:


Pieperij 11

7924 PZ Veeningen

The Netherlands

Chamber of Commerce: 09097766 (Emigration) / 64909751 (Investment)

If you do not wish to be contacted by us (any longer) with information about our work, plans, and developments, you can also report this to the above-mentioned address.


Interfarms can collect and analyze information about the use of the internet site, including the domain name, the number of hits, pages visited, previous and subsequent internet sites visited, and the duration of the user session. These data can be collected by means of cookies. A cookie is a small text file placed on your hard disc by our webpage server. You can allow or deny the use of cookies in accordance with your requirements by changing the settings of your browser. A cookie makes the use of this Internet site faster and more convenient.

Only if you have given permission in advance, we place cookies and work with other techniques for which this permission is legally required, such as social media, advertising and personalization purposes. You can decide for yourself whether you want to accept or decline cookies. You can also withdraw your consent to cookies at any time.

Object to the use of cookies

.If you do not want to receive cookies at all, you can adjust the setting of your internet browser to completely block the use of cookies. Some functionalities will then be disabled. You can still consult the website for information.

Internet sites of third parties

Our Privacy Statement does not apply to the Internet sites of third parties that have a link to our Internet site.


If you have any queries regarding this Privacy Statement, you can contact us at:


Pieperij 11

7924 PZ Veeningen

The Netherlands

T +31 (0) 528 391 111

Modifications to the Privacy statement

Interfarms reserves the right to update this Privacy Policy. We will adequately notify you of any updates that may occur by sending you an email or by posting a message on our website.

September 2020