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Investing objects
Annual experience in foreign agricultural property

Reliable investment partner

Interfarms understands the (inter)national agricultural world. Our organization specializes in the domestic and foreign agricultural real estate market. We assist farmers with the purchase of a farm and the start-up phase abroad since 1997. We do this through a professional network of multiple languages speaking consultants in more than 10 countries in three continents. Interfarms has a very close partnership with renowned brokerage firms abroad as well in the Netherlands. As a result, we have valuable knowledge of and contacts in the (inter)national agricultural real estate market.

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Agricultural land yield on average 4 - 8% | Farmland price from € 3,500
Interesting market situation

Invest in Danish agricultural property

Interfarms Invest currently invests in Danish companies. Denmark is a suitable country for investing in agricultural real estate on several fronts: due to the huge fall in land prices after the outbreak of the financial crisis and low interest rates, there’s a low price stability since 2011, and land prices have in large parts of the country have been reduced by up to 50%. Because many Danish companies have "underwater" mortgages, there are not enough suitable buyers, but there is a lot of demand for lease companies. Interfarms expects that the market situation will remain at this level for a while and that land prices will not decrease any further. As soon as e.g. milk and pork prices start to recover, land prices will gradually start increase again.

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